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  • Statistical Inference for the Beta Coefficient 

    Bodnar, Taras; Gupta, Arjun K.; Vitlinskyi, Valdemar; Вітлінський, Вальдемар Володимирович; Витлинский, Вальдемар Владимирович; Zabolotskyy, Taras (MDPI AG, 2019-06)
    The beta coefficient plays a crucial role in finance as a risk measure of a portfolio in comparison to the benchmark portfolio. In the paper, we investigate statistical properties of the sample estimator for the beta ...
  • Integration of partial least squares path modeling for sustainable tourism development 

    Pavlenchyk, Nataliіa; Mekhovych, Serhii; Bohoslavets, Oksana; Богославець, Оксана Григорівна; Богославец, Оксана Григорьевна; Opanashchuk, Yurii; Опанащук, Юрій Якович; Опанащук, Юрий Яковлевич; Hotra, Viktoriya; Gayvoronska, Inna (Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication, 2019-07)
    This study aims to reveal which factors and their indicators are significant (primary) for sustainable tourism from the point of view of the travellers themselves. The study was conducted in two stages and involved 415 ...
  • Quantity Assessment of the Risk of Investment Projects 

    Riepina, Inna; Рєпіна, Інна Миколаївна; Репина, Инна Николаевна; Hrybinenko, Olha; Parieva, Nataliia; Parieva, Oleksandra; Savenko, Igor; Durbalova, Natalia (Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication, 2019-09)
    The key to increasing the value of the enterprise, its competitiveness and profit level, respectively, is a timely and adequate investment in the investment project. However, the risks that have been underestimated can ...
  • The Impact of Inflation Volatility on an Enterprise’s Innovation Strategy 

    Dikiy, Alexander; Lepyokhina, Elena; Nikolaienko, Yurii; Kochevoi, Maxym; Kolomina, Olha; Shuplat, Olena; Шуплат, Олена Михайлівна; Шуплат, Елена Михайловна (Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication, 2019-10)
    The objective of the study was to determine the effect of inflation volatility on an enterprise's innovation strategy. The study showed that increasing inflation leads to a decrease in the stationary level of potential ...
  • Mechanism to ensure sustainable development of enterprises in the information space 

    Durmanov, Akmal; Bartosova, Viera; Drobyazko, Svetlana; Melnyk, Oksana; Мельник, Оксана Володимирівна; Мельник, Оксана Владимировна; Fillipov, Volodymyr (Entrepreneurship and sustainability center, 2019-12)
    There was developed the conceptual framework of information support of the management mechanism of sustainable development of enterprises, in order realize the continuous exchange of information between the controlling and ...

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