Неоязичництво/рідновір’я як варіант національної ідеї в умовах культурної глобалізації

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ДВНЗ «Київський національний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана»
Розглянуто ідеологічні засади неоязичництва/рідновір’я з погляду формування етнокультурної ідентичності в умовах культурної глобалізації.
It is сonsidered the ideological foundations of neo-paganism/Rodnoverie in terms of ethnic and cultural identity in terms of cultural globalization.
The purpose of this article is the analysis of works of neopaganism‟s ideologists and supporters. The theme of national idea formation in the conditions of cultural globalization also considered. In these works often there is a speech about national idea, about state-creation process in Ukraine, a way of overcoming of crisis in our country. Adherents of neopagan movement are connected by aspiration to connect religious and spiritual bases, history of Ukraine and its future in the whole. Keynote is uniqueness of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, its special historical mission.
Works of V. Shiyan has ideologizing, glorification of the historical past and aspiration to take this glory and patriotism as a principle of Ukraine development. V. Shiyan pays much attention to creative inheritance of G.Skovoroda and T. Shevchenko. V. Shiyan reaches unambiguous conclusions about need of use of theoretical development of the thinker of time of baroque for modern time and for the future. T.Shevchenko became spiritual successor of G.Skovoroda for V. Shiyan. He enthusiastically writes about heroism of Cossacks. He claims that heroism is a driving force and the main line of the Ukrainian national character and outlook. V. Shiyan speaks about a spiritual chain of development of Ukrainians: Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Grigory Skovoroda and Taras Shechenko. They became a push for awakening of the Ukrainian nation on the verge of XIX-XX centuries and further fight for the creating of Ukraine. V.Shiyan unites philosophical, esthetic and patriotic aspects of the Ukrainian national development. He tries to transfer all problems of historical development to the religion plane.
L. Silenko in work "Revaluation of spiritual cost" investigates activity of some historical people in a context of their relation to belief of ancestors. There is analysis of important historical periods through a prism of influence of native faith on different events. The attention is focused on patriotism. L. Silenko considers history of Ukraine as fight of the people against Christianity and the Soviet Union. Grand prince of Kiyv Vladimir was negatively assessed. Christianity acceptance by Vladimir is treated as betraying of own people. In L. Silenko's estimation the prince is the weak statesman, unlike Svyatoslav the Brave. He estimates introduction of Christianity as violence over Slavic soul. And it became the tragedy for Ukraine forever. He notes need to have the Ukrainian understanding of God. Only the moral and spiritual ideals lead in creating rather viable nation and the state.
L. Luk'yanenko in the article "Civilization Choice of Ukraine" notes need of new formation of intellectuals. This new formation will revive Ukraine. For the national and state construction the position of mass media is very important. But for years of independence in Ukraine actually Ukrainian information space wasn't created. The citizens of Ukraine are under active influence of foreign mass media. Also location of Ukraine in the East Europe, is strong position for our country. He claims that average and young generation of Ukrainians are disappointed by Christianity. They will search the spiritual reference points in national depths and it will promote formation of own way of development. New generation of Ukrainians will lead the country to prosperity.
O. Shokal devotes his articles to problem of strategic development of the nation and the state, culture role in it. For him the problem is the absence of accurately formulated national idea. And the culture has to help for development. The combination of social, economic, spiritual and intellectual factors has to become main in national policy.
The mentioned works give an idea of bases of national idea and views of the Ukrainian neopagans. All of them are connected by idea „Ukraine in the center‟. They are keen on historical past, belief in wonderful prospects on condition of the appeal to spiritual experience of ancestors. They want to introduce it into daily Ukrainian reality.
Рассмотрены идеологические основы неоязычества/родноверия с точки зрения этнокультурной идентичности в условиях культурной глобализации.
неоязичництво/рідновір’я, національна ідея, етнокультурна ідентичність, indigenous religions, national idea, ethnic and cultural identity, неоязычество/родноверие, национальная идея, этнокультурная идентичность
Сморжевська О. О. Неоязичництво/рідновір’я як варіант національної ідеї в умовах культурної глобалізації / О. О. Сморжевська // Історико-політичні студії : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освіти і науки України, ДВНЗ "Київ. нац. екон. ун-т ім. Вадима Гетьмана", Ін-т історії укр. суспільства ; ред.кол.: І. Д. Дудко (голова) [та ін]. – Київ : КНЕУ, 2013. – № 1. – С. 51–60.