Українська національна ідея: історичні реалії

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ДВНЗ «Київський національний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана»
Аналізуються основні періоди розвитку української національної ідеї та надаються певні рекомендації щодо її подальшої теоретичної розробки.
The main periods of the development of Ukrainian national concept are analized in this article and certain recommendations about its further theoretical elaboration are given.
Today independent Ukrainian state has been on a new stage of its evolution movement – the state has announced its intention to realize large-scale social reforms which are aimed at the formation and development of civil society and qualitative democratization of the country.
There is no doubt that among the problems which should be solved in this context the most vital are the processes of democratic national rebirth, enrichment of national sovereignty by stateformation, economic, political and socio-cultural content.
It is necessary to mention that democratic national rebirth as a complex, integrated and multistaged process is the embodiment of Ukrainian national concept. That‟s why it is not strange, that the establishment of Ukrainian statehood at new stage of international and European communities development is formed in the context of Ukrainian national concept. This problem is discussed in the article.
The notion “Ukrainian national concept” is one of the least formulated, but at the same time one of the most widely-used in modern political science. Its content is being made more concrete and changed depending on the conditions of nation‟s existence and those real aims and tasks which it should realize at every stage of historical development. Modern paradigm of Ukrainian national concept is based on the fact that it has its own history which is inseparable from the history of ethno-genesis of Ukrainian people, formation of Ukrainian modern nation, national-liberated competition of Ukrainians for freedom, independence and their own state.
The article analyses eight major periods of Ukrainian national concept development. It starts from Slavonic times when the Pra-Ukrainians had the simplest, sometimes rather primitive knowledge about their originality and the language uniqueness, habits, rituals, love to native land, its defense which were expressed in myths, legends, stories and other styles of oral folk art.
The author of the article attracts attention to the main conditions of national concept existence, gives a lot of interesting examples of both positive and negative results of national concept development.
Ukraine can present itself in the international arena only on the basis of national concept, as national democratic state. That‟s why the author believes that one of the most important problems of modern Ukrainian society development is the formation and practical implementation of the concept which is capable to consolidate nation into integrated ethno-social organism, namely, a Ukrainian national concept.
In conclusion the author gives recommendation as to basic directions of theoretical development of Ukrainian national concept.
Анализируются основные периоды развития украинской национальной идеи и даются определённые рекомендации относительно её дальнейшей теоретической разработки.
нація, держава, українська національна ідея, етнос, демократизація, ідеологія, народ, nation, state, Ukrainian national concept, ethnos, democratization, ideology, people, нация, государство, украинская национальная идея, этнос, демократизация, идеология, народ
Латигіна Н. А. Українська національна ідея: історичні реалії / Н. А. Латигіна // Історико-політичні студії : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освіти і науки України, ДВНЗ "Київ. нац. екон. ун-т ім. Вадима Гетьмана", Ін-т історії укр. суспільства ; ред.кол.: І. Д. Дудко (голова) [та ін]. – Київ : КНЕУ, 2013. – № 1. – С. 5–10.