Selected issues of the ethics in the theory and practice of the new economy

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ДВНЗ «Київський національний економічний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана»
The paperwork is inspired by the book «Civilized Man’s Eight deadly sins» by Austrian Nobel prize winner Konrad Lorenz. In his book, Lorenz points at the several serious global problems and threats, concerning the devastation of environment, inadequate mutual human manners, behaviour of the youth towards the annuitants and tradition, overpopulation, consumerism, Mass Media influence or nuclear weapons. Besides the thoughts of Konrad Lorenz, the aim of the work is to focus on the economic ideas of socio-economic representatives, such as Amartya Sen, Amitai Etzioni or Zbigniew Brzezinski and others, who highlight the importance of ethics in economics. Our opinion is, that the solution of many problems is in one’s revaluation of a way of living and the alert of human mind, which can lead to a change of everyday’s acting. This must happen without forcing, which is very difficult to realize. Such decision depends on every person’s free will, that is inscrutable.
consumerism, globalisation, Konrad Lorenz, morality
Vongrej M. Selected issues of the ethics in the theory and practice of the new economy / Marian Vongrej // Формування ринкової економіки : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освіти і науки України, ДВНЗ "Київ. нац. екон. ун-т ім. Вадима Гетьмана" ; [відп. ред. О. О. Бєляєв]. – Київ : КНЕУ, 2014 – Вип. 31. – С. 154-170.