Витоки української державної ідеї

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ДВНЗ «Київський національний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана»
Проаналізовано вихідні ідеї, традиції та принципи сучасної української державної ідеї, які були закладені ще в часи Пізнього Середньовіччя та Нового часу.
It is analyzed the initial ideas, traditions and principles of modern Ukrainian state idea that were formed during the late Middle Ages and modern times.
The article proves the statement that the roots of Ukrainian state idea of the late Middle Ages and early Modernity, embodied in the Ukrainian state of Zaporozhian Army which was created in the middle of the XVII century, can be traced back to the more ancient period of Ukrainian history.
The ideology of the state built by Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky at the turn of the 40-50's of XVII century was based on a concept that can be called "Cossacks are heir of the knights and of the state traditions of ancient Rus princes."
Analysis of the documents and written records of this period allows us to say that the roots of the modern Ukrainian state idea can be traced back to the traditions, ideas and principles of the Late Middle Ages and Early Modernity. Among them:
The concept of continuity of national history from Kyivan Rus to the Cossack Ukraine and the establishment of the thought that Kyivan Rus was the state of the Ukrainian people (the idea of historical continuity); the idea of a succession of "Kyiv" state tradition of X-XIII centuries to the elite of princes and boyars of Kyiv and Volyn of XIV - early XVII century and to the elite of cossacks of XVII-XVIII centuries (the idea of the continuity of state tradition); the idea of Ukrainian people that their nation has the exclusive right of self-development and of creation of their own state within the ethnic boundaries of the residence (the idea of a national and territorial sovereignty) which was formed in the first half of the XVII century; the tradition of actual or formal autonomous existence of Ukrainian lands in other states in the XIV-XVIII centuries (the tradition of limited sovereignity over Ukrainian lands of foreign rulers); the idea of political self-sufficiency of Rus-Ukraine, which can be realized in a separate Ukrainian state; the interpretation of the Ukrainian state established in the middle of the XVII century and called Zaporozhian Army as the successor state of Kievan Rus; the idea of unity of the Ukrainian state finally become distinct in the times of B.Khmelnitsky; the idea that the state ruler has to be elected by a free ballot and can.t be a tyrant or absolute monarch; the categories of "law", "freedom" and "liberty" as the key concepts to the system of values of Ukrainian gentry and cossacks; the strengthening of the idea that people have a natural right for freedom and that legality has to be one of the most important principles of social and political system.
Анализируются первоначальные идеи, традиции и принципы современной украинской государственной идеи, которые были заложены еще во времена Позднего Средневековья и Нового времени.
українська державна ідея, традиції, цінності, свободи, козацтво, Ukrainian national idea, traditions, values, freedom, Cossacks, украинская государственная идея, традиции, ценности, свободы, казачество, Origins of Ukrainian state idea
Бульвінський А. Г. Витоки української державної ідеї / А. Г. Бульвінський // Історико-політичні студії : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освіти і науки України, ДВНЗ "Київ. нац. екон. ун-т ім. Вадима Гетьмана", Ін-т історії укр. сусп-ва ; редкол.: І. Д. Дудко (голова) [та ін.]. – Київ : КНЕУ, 2013. – № 1. – С. 10–19.