Проблеми та перспективи реформування місцевого самоврядування в Україні

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ДВНЗ «Київський національний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана»
Аналізується чинне українське законодавство з питань місцевого самоврядування, визначено його недоліки та надано пропозиції щодо реформування місцевого самоврядування в Україні на основі європейського досвіду.
The article analyzes the current Ukrainian legislation on local self-government, its shortcomings. It is provided suggestions for reforming local self-government in Ukraine based on the European experience.
The important factor of the process of forming any nation is an ability of human society for self-organization. Such self-organization appears first of all within natural community (that is inhabitants of the same settlement) which is able to solve itself local problems. In this dimension one of the fundamentals of state administration in developed democratic countries along with the principle of separation of power is an existence of independent from central power local self-governing.
The analysis of current legislation reveales necessity of deep reformation of the local self-governmening system in Ukraine. Reforms must be of all-round character including tax, budge, electoral and other spheres of law making:
1. Delegation of power into local level must be accompanied by real possibilities of local organs to fulfill their commissions in material, financial and other spheres. It is important in this respect to increase the part of local budgets to such extent when greater part of funds (over 50% of all incomes) is transfered not into the state budget, but to the budgets of local self-governments.
2. It is of necessity to give legislative ensuring to the possibility of local self-governments to use at least a part of grants from the state budget for those needs which are of acute character for local community under current times.
3. It seems expedient to create executive organs of district and regional councils with their accountability only to the noted ones, to redistribute authorities between executive branches of councils and district and regional state organizations in such way when maximum amount of commissions regarding local problems is attached to executive branches of corresponding councils.
The necessary condition in respect of strengthening efficiency of local self-government is dealing with possibility to make decisions on the questions of local value by community itself by the way of local referendum.
5.The important element on providing rights of the citizen is a control over activity of the elective organs of power and officials of local self-government.
On the whole realization of a complex of reforms of local self-governmening with the aim to provide the rights of community to solve the local problems self-dependently and to realize control over the authorities needs gradual and measured approach as well as understanding the necessity of such changes both among the wide stratum of society and representatives of all branches of power.
Анализируется действующее украинское законодательство по вопросам местного самоуправления, определены его недостатки и даны предложения по реформированию местного самоуправления в Украине на основе европейского опыта.
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